Livia Anzaldo

United Arab Emirates

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Yoga Retreats is one of the most innovative way of booking a Yoga Class in Dubai or a Yoga retreats worldwide. Created by Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher Livia Anzaldo in 2010, Yoga Retreats helps individuals and companies to promote mind & body wellbeing in various ways:
- Outdoor group classes in Dubai (various locations – Springs, Lakes, Safa Park)
- Corporate Wellbeing Sessions
- Private classes – up to three individuals
- Babies & Mums Yoga
- Toddlers Yoga
- Yoga & Fitness Classes for office employees
- Team bonding events, based on physical & mental challenges
- Short get-away & breaks as employees’ Rewards or Incentives

All activities are packed with fun, fitness & self discovery – and a little bit of yoga too. The locations vary depending on the Client’s requirements and can be tailor-made for individual needs.
Since 2010 we have been the UAE’s leading wellness & yoga retreat destination offering groups of up to 20 people extensive experiences in travel & self development. Combining the ancient art of Yoga with energising activities such as rock climbing, horse riding, trekking, humanitarian work in undeveloped countries, the yoga retreats will make you feel alive AGAIN!Our passion for your wellbeing is guaranteed to get you feeling healthier and more energised.
Our promise to deliver retreats that suit almost every pocket means that almost anyone has the opportunity to discover nature, new cultures, physical challenges, mental challenge and lets not forget the calming and energizing effects of Yoga! Livia’s passions are based on healthy living, being outdoor and stretching the mind and body. Her love for inspiring and enriching people’s lives has lead the creation of various events which reflect her passion for active living and her giving nature.

With Yoga Retreats, people discover fun, nature, new cultures, physical and mental challenges and of course Yoga! Our yoga retreats and holidays combine mind, body and spirit, self-discovery and personal growth.

Yoga Retreats not only provide people with the opportunity to explore new cultures, cities, and incredible sites to see but also gives time to reflect, discover oneself and learn to be more appreciative of what we have. Living in a city like Dubai with a stressful and demanding work life, often we forget what’s outside the comforts and the real lives people have in less fortunate countries.