Liz Bennett

Sydney NSW

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I have been a yoga teacher and physiotherapist for over 15 years.
Having my early physiotherapy career in the hospital system, then moving into private practice where I have remained, I’ve worked with people in a huge variety of settings, both in a hands on treatment capacity and teaching yoga to clients. Working in hospitals gave me invaluable insights into the management of acute and chronic conditions. Now, as a physiotherapist in private practice, I integrate detailed assessment and treatment with therapeutic exercise, applying the principles of individualised yoga.

A personalised yoga practice encourages the body to heal optimally.

To realise an integration between physiotherapy and yoga felt like a journey I was undertaking very much on my own 15 years ago. Yoga was perceived as alternative and I had to search for answers to the conflicts between contemporary physiotherapy, yoga and more accepted methods at the time such as Pilates. The rise in popularity of yoga, the evolution of alternate physical therapies, neuroscience and research proving the mind- body relationship, in recent times, has opened people’s minds to yoga.
My yoga teaching began at 21, when I got classes running at the hospital for staff. My formal training began in Sydney, in 2004, with a three-year intensive apprenticeship with physiotherapists and yoga teachers Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Machliss of Yoga Synergy. After teaching full time at Yoga Synergy, I moved to the Northern Beaches and did my Diploma of Yoga Teaching with Michael De Manincor at the Yoga Institute of Australia. I began teaching Anatomy and Physiology to yoga teacher trainees in 2006.
For a number of years this involved delivery of Leslie Kaminoff’ s Yoga Anatomy at the Yoga Institute of Australia.
I provide Yoga Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga Teachers at many Sydney yoga schools within their teacher training programs, including the Yoga Village, Yoga and Health Collective and Life Source Yoga .
I teach students in all stages of life, from 7 to 77!
I meditate and do yoga to live life more fully, to experience compassion, and keep stoking the energy for what I love. I regularly travel, mostly to India. I do aerial silk acrobatics and love to ride my bikes. My specialised classes include yoga for chronic pain, older people, for core stability and Sukha Bike Yoga, yoga for cyclists.


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