Liz Coffman


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I'm a Bowspring teacher relocated to Berlin, Germany from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
My background is in meditation, pranayama, and vinyasa flow yoga. I have a deep connection and love for these traditions and I pull inspiration from them in each Bowspring practice that I teach.
Bowspring is a dynamic postural methodology that completely transformed my yoga practice in 2013. Since then, I've taken a deeper dive into biomechanics and yoga therapeutics and haven't looked back.
Bowspring is a therapeutic method, but it is quite strong. Its aim is to bring awareness not only to asanas but to each person's unique psychosomatic programming. It is deeply transformative in that it gives each practitioner a chance to see their own unconscious patterns (postural and attitudinal) by stimulating the nervous system, and it is from that place of seeing that each of us can choose to change. It is fascinating, informative, humbling, and totally fun.
One of my first vinyasa teachers used to have painted on her studio wall: "The Guru Is The Self." The Bowspring practice embodies that philosophy in a way that I've never experienced before. I would love to invite you to experience it with me.


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