Liz Kruger

Cape Town
South Africa

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I first learnt yoga when I was 15, with an elderly Vinyasa teacher in Cape Town, before yoga and studios really took off. I was inspired by my grandmother who stretched well into her 80s, and I have pictures of her doing yoga in the 1930s. A few years later, dived back in with an intensive workshop with Michael Hamilton, and hardly able to walk, decided to take up Astanga yoga. Since then I have had a number of excellent teachers, like at Moksha, Cape Town's first Astanga school with Jim Harrington and Derrick Gripper. Astanga has remained a constant in my life, while I have made forays into martial arts like tai chai and chi qung, and explored other styles of yoga. In 2009 I took a course with Vivek Gaur in Rishikesh, with a focus on Therapeutic yoga and pranayama. Primarily I have taught classes privately.


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