Liz Nichols

Austin, TX
United States

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With a degree in Biochemistry and Genetics, yoga’s meticulous explanation of the way each pose and meditation provided benefits to the practitioner appealed to Liz’s scientific mind. While living in Dallas she was first introduced to Hatha yoga in 2003 at her local gym and was instantly hooked. A few years later she moved to Austin where, at Yoga Yoga, her practiced deepened and empowered her to enroll in Kundalini Teacher Training in the fall of 2009. Soon after, she began Yoga Yoga's Hatha Teacher Training in the belief that the two styles compliment each other both physically and mentally. She gained a strong sense of fulfillment from teaching both and observing how each one uplifted and improved the lives of many she lead in practice.

Liz's classes focus on finding a connection between movement and breath. In her Kundalini class, she likes to give students the opportunity to push further, to sweat and work while giving options for staying safe, and taking the gentler route. These classes always end with a meditation and gong relaxation. In her Hatha class, you can expect to find a balance of attention on alignment, flexibility, safety and self-awareness. She strives to modify the posture to fit the student, not the student to fit the posture.

Liz’s other passions include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (a style of martial arts which Liz lovingly refers to as "full contact competitive yoga"), hiking, sailing and spending time with her husband and 2 dogs. She also keeps busy designing websites and making hand-knotted malas (prayer beads) and other gemstone jewelry.


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