Liz van den Berg

Baardskeerdersbos western cape
South Africa

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I am a home practitioner whose been exploring yoga for around 12 yrs. Because of my work and love for travel I am very often on the move and unable to commit to a studio or particular teacher. Thus my practice has evolved by wherever I am I try to connect with other yogis, find a class or enjoy a retreat. I love my practice and have had the most amazing solo pop-up yoga spaces in the oddest and sometimes most breathtakingly beautiful places, my motto on the road is have mat, can practice. However not much compares to the creative energy generated by doing yoga with others .My favourites are iyengar, vinyasa and prana flow. I love the sense of community that yoga brings along with the sense of a unified state of consciousness. When I do get the luxury of spending time with my favourite teachers, I love to absorb every minute detail and try to carry it all in my heart till the next time.


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