Liza Marializa


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I am the founder of Drishti Yoga Shala and I teach in a small group, in a private setting, and children's yoga.

I am a Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, as well as a Gong and Reiki practitioner.

My Intention & Philosophy

My intention is to help you understand your body and the poses so that you can safely practice at home or elsewhere, regardless of style. It is all about optimizing our life through a dedicated practice by observing ourselves with awareness physically, mentally and spiritually.

My Approach & Style

Our physical makeup is unique and our body changes depending on the time of day and time of life. For this reason, I am focusing on your individual and situational needs.
There are different types of yoga poses, such as backbends, forward bends, standing poses, inversions, or seated poses. My training may vary depending on the time of day, your yoga experience, and your energy level.
For techniques, I break down the mechanics of a pose so that you can learn and experience the posture and feel the changes in your practice and your body.
For Vinyasa flow, I favor a slow-moving style, where the transition is as much a part of the pose as the pose itself. Above all, I know of no better learning aid than laughter, and I strongly believe that a sense of humor is an essential companion in our journey.


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