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I did my first yoga teacher training course in 2009 after a knee injury I decided to rather strengthen the muscles and get the flexibility in my leg back, instead of an operation. That was after I started Yoga in around 2002. I teached a couple of friends, and got passionate about helping people with health issues to get into yoga as a way of life.
In July this year I did another 200hour teacher training at hot pod yoga specialising in vinyasa flow in a hot studio. Shortly after I finished this course my partner got a stroke, the doctors said he might recover in 2 years time. I did not except this, and starting doing chair yoga with him, until I got him on the mat. 7 weeks after his accident he started walking by himself. I am grateful and truly believe it is due to perseverance, meditation and lots of special yoga. I would love to specialise in stroke patients to help them to a speedy recovery.


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