Lizie Amrita Antoniadou


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I first started practicing yoga at the age of 20, in the year 1999, in Danbury CT of the United States. Since then I have been studying and practicing yoga and when I met my partner, who is also a yogi, we continued together. In 2010 I attended the 200hrs teacher's training course with Vivi Letsou and other great international guest teachers at the Athens Nysy Studios.

I am currently a student of Bharatanatyam, Indian Classical Dance Theater, since 2012, at Shantom - Leda Shantala in Athens. I have participated in yoga seminars, SRT (Skinner Releasing Tecnique), dancetherapy movement, improvisation, African dance, African drums, somatic theater and bioanatomy. I have been teaching yoga for adult groups and as a personal trainer.

I live happily with my partner, our children, seven dogs and two cats.


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