Lizzie Hunt

United Kingdom

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Lizzie has been practicing yoga since 1998, and relishes the effects of it on body and mind.

She found it a wonderful way of helping to balance the emotional demands of being a medical student and then a doctor. Now a psychiatrist, she believes that yoga can provide a delightfully accessible route to techniques such as mindfulness that help with coping and relaxation, and so trained as a teacher to share the benefits of yoga with others.

Lizzie’s 200 hour teacher training was in Vinyasa Flow, and she relishes the physicality of that practice. She has additional training in Yin Yoga, which she finds deeply supportive and stress-relieving. She also finds that her regular yoga practice supports her other interests of marathon-running, triathlon and cross-country skiing, in avoiding injury.

Lizzie’s classes aim to challenge in a nurturing environment. She creates a space for you to explore your practice with curiosity as you discover your own physical and emotional strength.

Week of March 20TH

Tuesday, Mar 21

  • £12
    06:45 pm to 07:45 pm