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Darien, CT
United States

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My vision and belief is that fitness and wellness involve being aware and making good choices, like being active, eating healthy, im­proving your emotional well-being. I help my clients enhance their mental and physical health. I teach them to gain mental and physical prowess to engage their minds and bodies on a completely new level. I empower them and provide them the necessary skills to forge ahead with a long lasting healthy lifestyle.

My experience along with my educational background gives me the focus and the foundation to teach each of my clients to push through and beyond their comfort zones. Strictly speaking, I teach them how to elevate their mind, body and soul!

Aerial Fitness gives you the opportunity to take your fitness to the next level, by allowing gravity to work for you, not against you.

The truth remains that our health is our greatest wealth and we all have the internal power to maximize on it every day in some way.

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Lo Vega

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