Lois Leonhardi

Los Angeles, CA
United States

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Lois A. Leonhardi is Lifestyle consultant integrating mind, body + spirit with diet, yoga & meditation. Author of The essential Ayurvedic cookbook. She has worked successfully as a private yoga instructor and ayurvedic personal chef in Los Angeles and the east coast, helping clients reach their wellness goals.

She specializes in creating holistic wellness programs for time-pressed individuals. With solutions that integrate the body, mind and consciousness, she can help you with: stress, digestive issues/bloating, sciatic pain, neck tension, emotional eating, weight loss, poor eating habits, etc. Using her knowledge of the ancient systems of ayurveda and yoga, she creates custom-designed plans based on your unique constitution. This is not a fad diet. This system slowly helps you change your way of life so you can say goodbye to dieting forever and say hello to wellness.


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