Lora Cheadle

Littleton, CO
United States

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As crazy as it sounds, Lora is all about having fun! Her yoga classes focus on connecting with the body, and playing with moves and movement in a manner that feels good to you. Sure yoga can be deep and meditative, but it can also be enlivening and fun. More often than not, it's actually pretty funny too, and Lora finds it absolutely appropriate to laugh when trying to get into a difficult pose! There is so much joy in movement, and Lora’s gift is getting you back into the mentality of movement being play, not work.

Lora spent ten years practicing law, seeing first-hand the effects of being out of alignment whether due to stress, poor health or simply from a lack of joy in the body, mind or spirit. For the most part, Lora has spent her life dancing and teaching various forms of fitness classes because of the passion and joy she feels through movement. Having a ballet background means that one of her primary focuses is on correct physical or postural alignment. When the body is in good physical alignment, all of the organs function properly and aches and pains are minimized. Emotionally, good posture conveys confidence and a sense of openness. When the physical body feels good and the emotions are clear and positive, our innate spirituality can grow, resulting in harmony and joy.

Lora is an AFAA certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise and Yoga instructor. She’s a certified FlirtyGirl Dance Instructor and teaches many different forms of group exercise, virtually guaranteeing a workout that you will love.


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