Lorena Saavedra Smith

Tampa, FL
United States

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Lorena is a bilingual, expert yoga (E-RYT) meditation teacher, and reiki practitioner known for her genuine love for people and community. Her belief in the inclusive effect of yoga, and her unique self-expression of equality and motivational style of teaching that incorporates both physical and mystical aspects make her practice accessible to everyone. Whether Lorena is teaching professional athletes or cancer patients, restorative yoga or power vinyasa, meditation or balancing energy classes, she leads with a focus on correct alignment, visualization, intention and a prayer approach that empowers students to accept their true meaning of the inner self and individuality on and off the mat.
Originally from Peru, she has been exposed since a very young age to diverse spiritual and alternative natural ways of interconnection towards self-healing and self-empowerment.
For over a decade of continuous development, she has received training and credentials from prominent institutions like: The Kripalu Center of Yoga and Ayurveda.
Married to a US NAVY officer, she embraces the challenges of a military lifestyle with a humble intention to share and deliver the message of love and peace with an open heart.