Lori Bisser

Indianapolis, IN
United States

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Throughout my life I have tried many different types of exercise but none inspired commitment, regularity or discipline for me the way that yoga has. I prayed for peace, and wisdom to find the path that God had chosen for me. Then, as life’s challenges pressed in I found that practicing yoga brought me peace and joy, the kind only found in God.
My yoga journey began in 2002. I was intrigued by the spiritual aspect of yoga, and yet confused by how it could align with my faith life. As with most things, on a closer look, I found that yoga was not something separate from my religion, or any religion for that matter. It is a personal journey inward toward the divine. From there it is easy to see everyone as a child of God, as made in his image, as loved completely by him.
The word yoga means union. A deepening union is just what I have found - awakening mind, body & breath.


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