Lori Clawson

San Pablo, CA
United States

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I'm a third-generation Yogini with a life long love and commitment to the practice of “Yogic exercise, meditation, and lifestyle principles”.

My grandfather was my very first inspiration . . . I have clear memories of imitating his headstands as a young child and feeling the happiness he emanated after his long, devotional meditations!

He had the great good fortune to meet Paramahansa Yogananda and to embrace his Yogic teachings, which I later have followed.

One of my deepest desires was fulfilled in founding Yoga for Life studio in Albany from 2001-2011, which provided Yoga for all ages, infant through senior, including prenatal classes.

I received Yoga teacher training in Los Angeles and at Anahata Yoga studio in Encinitas, which emphasize inner and outer alignment.

A sense of body mechanics, cultivated through my background as a ballet instructor, performer with Oakland Ballet, a Ford Foundation Ballet Award Winner at the Julliard in New York City, and a dancer and teacher of East Indian Temple Dance, has been extremely helpful in guiding women in their Yoga practice.

Like many dancers I've incurred injuries, yet through Hatha Yoga I've been able to remediate longstanding knee pain and to continue to enjoy many types of recreation.

My classes offer gentle Hatha Yoga for women with the goal of avoiding strains and injury, while at the same time engaging in a holistic body/mind/heart/spirit experience.

Teen girls, who are 14 years and older, may attend, too.

Pregnant women are welcome, also, to prepare for an empowered birth through breath and body awareness in a community of supportive women.

Are you suffering from spiritual longing and lack of peace?

Are you challenged by stress, fatigue, depression, or insomnia?

Are you recovering from injury, illness, pain?

Are you feeling 'out of shape', stiff, uncoordinated, or weak?

These well-rounded classes will help you to experience:

* Increased circulation
* Deep relaxation
* Invigorating energy
* Renewed focus
* Greater flexibility, balance, toning, grace, and strength
* Refreshing peace and receptivity to inner wisdom and joy!

I demonstrate and explain the Yoga poses accompanied by soothing music, creating a unique and fluid routine for each class, encouraging each participant to go at her own pace.

The classes are a special fusion of:

* Gentle Hatha Yoga poses
* Alignment instruction
* Guided breathing
* Self massage
* Science of Yoga curriculum
* Journaling
* Healing affirmations and visualizations
* Chanting
* Meditation

Come feel radiant on all levels!

Blessings and Joy,