Lori "Ishwari" Cohen

Boynton Beach, FL
United States

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I am a 2013 graduate of The Freehold Yoga Center where I received my 200 hour certification in Sivanada Yoga and nationally registered. Upon completing this life changes journey,I began guiding students days after graduating – eager to bring to the mat what I learned and discovered. Ishwari -the spiritual name given to me means “The highest form of divinity that the mind can conceive and the heart can hold. The Goddess of nature and inspirer to all that has life.” When given this name, I was overwhelmed, thinking why would Krishnadas give me such a powerful name? His answer to me was “Embrace it, sit back and absorb it, you will see”. I go by Ishwari during my yoga practice, understanding that it grounds me, allowing me to really tap into my spiritual side. I feel the transformation as Ishwari with every “OM” . I am a true believer that people and things are put in your path for a reason – and there is no such thing as coincidences. Yoga is all about the breath. Once you accept this – you too can do yoga.

I am single mom of an amazing 19 year old son, who can vow how yoga has changed my life. He went for his yoga certification 2 years after. I am also a registered dental assistant by day. Knowing and understanding that Yoga is a practice, I am excited to continue my practice and knowledge and someday soon gain my 500 hour training.
Always leaving your fears, cares, frustrations and expectations outside the door with your shoes – I look forward to meeting you all on your mats.
Peace To All, Light To All, Love To All. Namaste


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