Lori Palmer

Cleveland, OH
United States

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Lori found yoga in the late 1980's. After staying in an ashram in 1988 as a young teen, the value of meditation and a devoted yoga practice was impressed upon Lori and she has studied and incorporated many yoga and meditation techniques in her life for nearly 3 decades. Her academic studies include a Bachelor of Science in Psychology where she focused on the psychology of health and the effects of stress on the body and the mind.

Blending the academic world with her studies of yoga and meditation, Lori has experience in hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, power vinyasa yoga, Iyengar yoga, and Yin yoga. She has a daily yoga practice and loves to teach many styles to suit the needs of her students. She has practiced and studied a multitude of meditation techniques including Yoga Nidra, Buddhist meditation methods, general stress release techniques, guided meditations and walking meditation. Lori is a firm believer in the value of meditation to reduce stress, calm the mind, and heal the body.

Lori became Reiki First Degree Certified in 1999 and received her Usui Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate in August of 2014. She earned her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certificate in June of 2014 from Inner Bliss Yoga Studio. She also teaches standup paddleboard lessons and SUP Yoga (Yoga on the Paddle Board) and became PaddleFit certified in May of 2014. She believes in the healing benefits of being in nature, being mindful, and that no two yoga practices look the same.

As a life long athlete and runner, Lori brings an awareness and knowledge to her teaching to support all other exercises her students participate in. She believes that yoga will keep every student being active in all the things they love much longer in their life then if they don't practice yoga. Lori also loves working with students that feel they "aren't flexible enough for yoga" and patiently guides them to create more space in their bodies at whatever level they are at. She teaches the power of breath connected with movement, and is encouraging and inspiring.

When Lori isn't on her mat or meditating, she is busy being a mother to a teenager, working in the technology industry, knitting, reading, running, hiking, playing soccer, cooking fresh whole foods, loving life, and spending as much time as possible on or near the water. In the summer she spends most weekends on Lake Erie on a paddle board teaching SUP yoga, practicing SUP yoga or enjoying an incredible savasana on the lake.

"Yoga is for every body. Meditation is for every mind. We become our habits, and I fully believe that establishing a daily yoga practice that is as simple as 5 Sun Salutations and 10 minutes of meditation will completely change your life. I love bringing the gifts of yoga and meditation to everyone and work to craft a practice for every person that meets them exactly where they are." - Lori Palmer


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