Lorilee Strom

Westborough, MA
United States

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Like most other “baby boomers” my fitness regimen was more about looking good than feeling good. In my early 40’s I felt stiff, tight, and ultimately in chronic pain. I wasn’t ready to accept Western Medicine’s approach of treating the symptoms with medication or surgery. I realized I had to take responsibility for my body, and that to do so, meant I had to learn more about it, which led me to studying anatomy and becoming a yoga teacher. I have at least 1,000 hours of yoga teacher training, including 2- 200 hour certifications, Anusara Inspired status, & several hundred hours of yoga therapy training. I’m and also a registered pharmacist, and love when I can connect modern science with ancient traditions. I started learning about fascia, and things started to fall into place and make sense. I found Gil Hedley, an extraordinary anatomist and philosopher, and he led me to Sue Hitzman and Melt. Sue is brilliant and over many years has developed a simple to do self-treatments based on cutting edge scientific research. Melt truly is the missing link for optimal health and wellbeing. Melt has changed my life. It’s my passion. My calling is to share the magic of Melt with others.


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