Lorna Garcia

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Animal lover, eternal learner, sunshine seeker, wanderlust and a yoga advocate. My practice of yoga over the years have been influenced by many schools of yoga such as Iyengar for alignment, Ashtanga for strength of will, Yin for complete surrender. This is what I share in my class - control and integration of body (through asanas), mind (through pranayama) and spirit (through meditation and relaxation). Uniting the opposites to create a path towards balance and union of mind and body.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Yoga retraeat Barcelona

Thank you Lorna, for this excellent retreat, for body and mind.
We went to Can Morei in the beautiful nature surrouding Barcelona to participate in Lorna’s Yoga retreat.

Yoga practice, in the morning quite active and later on the day (depending on what time we were back sightseeing, or walking), a more relaxing restorative, or mindfulness practice.
With emphasis on breath, alignment and encouraging to go a little beyond you think what you can do!

The accomodation was stunning, beautiful and well equipped.
Delicious healthy food, prepared with love.
Thank you Lorna for this beautiful experience!

Love Hans & Marianne

Ps everybody; check out the lessons of our awesome teacher!!

Lorna GarciaApril 9, 2019
Thank you Marianne and Hans

The greatest reward I received from this retreat is knowing that what we shared all throughout the 6 days had changed the way you look at yourselves - mind, body and spirit. May you continue your path to wellness and awareness. Much love and gratitude for trusting me.

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I meet Lorna around 7 years ago when I used to live in Montauroux.I bounded right away with her and her methods of teaching. And as the years passed by she guided me on my new trail of yoga. At that time, my older daughter was a baby and I was always caught up with work and other chores so my frequency to courses was pretty low. In between I got pregnant and moved...


Despite of the distance, Me and Lorna never lost track of each other. And every time I could, I would go back to practice with her.
Now days I'm practicing in a vinyasa studio but with more frequency.
This summer, back in Montauroux, couldn't bare myself not see practice with Lorna.
And it was just the best thing that I've could had done...
Doing the yoga flows with so much frequency, I didn't realized how poor my alignment was...
Lorna took her time going throw with me all the asanas, from the basis to every move!
Passing me out all her Iyengar experience, I'm so much grateful to her ??
She's such an amazing person and she will push you to be the very best version of yourself. And just when you are getting confortable with a pose, she will push to the next level, because she knows that you're ready in capable. I love her capacity and sensibility to recognize peoples' souls and needs' ?
After all that's what YOGA is all about!
Thank you Lorna for making this SO important mark in my journey in the yoga universe!

Lorna GarciaAugust 1, 2017
Thank you Marta <3

Was it really 7 years? :-)
Thank you for your generous and open heart, a heart willing to receive and give as much, it reflects on your practice. I'm really happy that you can now find time for YOU! To take care of yourself as much as you take care of everyone and everything around you. I can only wish I'm still beside you to encourage you even more because you have the capabilities. My sincerest best wishes for a purposeful life! Much love. x

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Yoga for life

I could list many fantastic words to describe Lorna class, but I will keep my favorite one, that she even use it herself when she is teaching and we feel amazingly proud of our selfs for listen to her advices, listen for her tranquility on how important it is that you know your own limit.

Beautiful !!!! It's pure beautiful moments what do you feel from the beginning until the end of her class, and obviously it has a magic impact in your life.


All her dedication towards her students is unique as each one has a different need, age,expectation, life style, etc.

Eery time you step out of the room you have more conscious how lucky you are to have meet a great yoga master because I think Lorna is really more then a teacher...

Just love her classes <3

Lorna GarciaApril 24, 2017

Thank you Sophia. Your feedback is one of the reasons why I dedicate my life to learning more in order to share it with people like yourself, committed to allow yoga to affect their lives on the mat and out of it. Om Shanti.

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Absolute the top!

5 years a go I started to practice yoga with Lorna, it is one of the best things I have done for myself. It is so relaxing and good for body and soul.
Lorna has a very nice personality that makes us feel comfortable while doing our exercise, as we all have different needs.
Thanks Lorna and I hope for many years to come.

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Tranquility in the Var

Lorna provides a haven of tranquility. She is always welcoming and takes the time to get to know you, and any problems you might have. She adapts the class to the participants needs. Lorna runs class from the very gentle restorative yoga through to classes that are quite strenuous. Whatever your needs you will come away feeling calm and exercised.