Lorraine Taylor

Koh Phangan
Surat Thani
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Lorraine has been a dedicated Yogini and lover of Truth for over a couple of decades. She offers Transformational Yoga Trainings and Retreats around the globe and already has trained many to become successful teachers. She is dedicated to helping people find freedom through Yoga and also specialises in guiding women to embody the practice from their feminine essence. A fully qualified Ashtanga Vinyasa and Tantra Yoga instructor with a multitude of advanced trainings and thousands of teaching hours to her credit, her teaching biography ranges from the Yoga Journal Conference in Moscow to private sessions in her own home.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

7 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Amazing teacher! - Amazing woman!

I did my Yoga teacher Training with Lorraine Taylor in 2014 and it was such a wonderful, transformational experience where I learned to feel a deep love for myself and the universes love for me and everything/everyone. Trusting and relaxing into what is right now and that the best opportunities for growth will come my way. Working with Lorraine inspired me very much to keep 'working' on myself and what great outcomes this has in my life. She is a wonderfully, compassionate, authentic, empathic and fun teacher and I can recommend her trainings very much from the bottom of my heart! <3

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beautiful experience with Lorraine at the TTC in Ko Phangan

My TTC with Lorraine Taylor last year in Ko Phangan, Thailand, was just a one beautiful magic journey to deepen my practice and find the path to my own truth.
Lorraine is a great teacher who is teaching with a perfect balance between ashtanga vinyasa practice, theory and the beautiful rituals, kirtan voicework and female goddess energies.
I loved everyday even if it was challenging on a very personal level it deepened so much my physical body as well as my spiritual body.


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A journey that I am very grateful for to have taken with Lorraine Taylor and since then my life totally transformed. The goddesses she introduced us to are with me throughout the whole year now and I love it.
A real sacred journey into yoga that I can only advice every women shall take if interested in yoga and feeling the love to discover your own energy and how to balance this.

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Lorraine Taylor is a very special yoga teacher!

I trained with Lorraine Taylor Yoga in 2015 and I was blown away by all that I learnt and experienced, and it has helped me become a great yoga teacher for the women that I teach. Her extensive knowledge and experience in Ashtanga as well as Tantra, along with the beauty of kirtan, makes her Yoga Teacher Trainings very special indeed.

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My favourite Yoga teacher!

Lorraine is a profoundly warm and experienced teacher that guides her students with absolute grace. I completed her Yoga TTC in January and I was completely blown away by the magnitude of value that I received in the four weeks. She leads the strong Ashtanga practice with the essence of the feminine, which to me felt like the practice of the goddess. She also guided us through teachings go the chakras and had a big focus on energies so that our practice could be enhanced.


Lorraine is one of the most magical and wonderful beings I've been blessed to meet and get to know, and I recommend her courses and teachings without hesitation. Her warm and genuine nature, as well as great sense of humour and absolute passion for what she teaches makes her such a wonderful teacher in her practice. I look forward to when I will be back in Thailand again to do another of her courses, as one just wasn't enough!

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My goddess teacher

Without gushing too much, I would highly recommend attending any courses or workshops offered by Lorraine. I have never met a teacher that held space so well for her students. She is also equally as much a friend as she is a teacher, a balance that can be hard to strike. I felt supported through my struggles in the class and chalenged to grow far beyond anything I could have imagined for myself in teacher training with Lorraine. I am grateful for the beautiful hybrid of divinely feminine ashtanga I got to learn with her and for the women I had the privilege of taking the course with. A gift of an experience and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

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Very happy mystical yogini :) and blissed out

I am so happy and grateful That I experienced Lorraines teaching...
Somehow with the beautiful words, encouragement and Wisdom, and Nourishing energy I Was taken to other dimensions beyond the physical. Theres a real depth to the teachings and profound magic and hope to come back for more soon

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A Wonderful & Amazing Teacher

Lorraine has been, & still is, my source of inspiration.
I've been trained a few years ago with her, & her presence is always with me.
She delivers Yoga in such a graceful, feminine way, which helps us, students, to find our own strength within, to approach Yoga from the Heart, with a humble & shakti touch.
I'll be always ever so thankful for our path to cross.
Love you always. x