Lorri Medill

Rockwood, ON

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Combining her passions for yoga and self-care education, Lorri Medill’s approach uses movement and breath to unify mind, body, and spirit for health and well-being.
After her father’s death in 1995 she came to realize that there was more to life than the physical and what meets the eye. These discoveries lead her to her first yoga class which began her spiritual path. Lorri’s love of singing and fascination with Eastern philosophy drew her deeper into studying the dharma (teachings) of Hatha Yoga, Buddhism and the devotional practice of Bhakti yoga and chanting.

Lorri has an extensive background as a fitness instructor/personal trainer counselor and facilitator and is committed to ongoing personal and professional growth. Since completing her Hatha Yoga Certification in 2001, Lorri has been sharing her passion and inspiring people through her grounded and heart-centred style of teaching during workshops, retreats, group classes and private sessions. Her specializations in Adapted Yoga for Disabilities, Yoga for Seniors and Yin Yoga enhance her diversity as a leader and strengthen her abilities to implement her vision of making yoga accessible to all regardless of an individual’s ability. Lorri is a fun-loving soul who shares her compassion with all


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