Lotta Ilona Bertilsson

Blacksta - Flen

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Lotta has a broad and deep knowledge of yoga with great experience to adapt and develop programs for different needs.
In Sweden she is one of the pioneers of the more physically oriented yoga. For many years she ran, together with a business partner, one of Stockholm's largest yoga studios. Her strength lies in her capacity to adapt training for individuals and groups, as she is very perceptive of people´s varying needs.
She has an ability to meet each individual at their level, at the point where they are and see a potential for
development and to guide and inspire further development.

Over the years she has also been involved in creating and developing customized programs for different situations and groups. She has developed and led yoga teaching training programs that include theory, techniques, training and mentoring as well as training programs for pregnant women, young people and various businesses. These programs have also included techniques for deep relaxation and stress management.

Characteristic of the more physically oriented yoga is that it is based on creating continuity in training and increased body awareness to build both physical and mental strength, flexibility and stability.

In recent years her expertise has been required internationally. This has entailed the responsibility for running various yoga studios for short and long periods in different countries, but especially in Spain. This requires being sensitive to different cultural needs and act with authority in a leadership role.

Her training platform is broad and includes everything from her own studies of both theoretical and practical studies.
Lotta have been studying yoga since 1992. She has practiced Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga vinyasayoga.
She has regularly been to Mysore and studied with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, ashtangayogans Founder and Principal of the Institute Sharath Rangaswamy.
Traditionally, teachers of yoga have developed their knowledge and skills through a combination of studies in philosophy, knowledge of the body and mentorship from more experienced teachers. Lotta has studied for Dena Kingsberg, David Swenson and John Scott,both internationally and in Sweden.

She has also studied Buddhism and meditation with the Stockholm Buddhist Vihara and the Stockholm Buddhist Center and Vipassana according to Goenka.

Lottas more traditional training includes a massage therapist training in the Body Therapy School of Gran Canaria where she was certified by the Swedish branch of the massage therapist´s council.
Since then she has completed further training programs in various massage techniques of Isabella dos Santos, training director at Raison d'Etre and she also works periodically at the Raison d'Etres SPA at Grand Hotel in Stockholm.