Lou Yang


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I am an adrenalin junkie, very much into extreme sports. While wakeboarding was my passion, whiplash, strained and tight muscles were the payoffs for the thrills I seek.

To fuel my passion, I was focused on training to be stronger, failing to see flexibility as an asset.    

For my first yoga, totally ignorant to what Yoga is about or any of its philosophies, I picked an Ashtanga Yoga class because of the word "cardio".

Poses’ names in Sanskrit were a muddle of confusion for me, while I tried to catch up with the flow of the class, my muscles were screaming as they got fired up in poses I never knew was even possible. When I could finally catch my breath in Savasana, “dead man” I was, the peace I felt at the end of the class resonated with my body, mind and soul. I love it. That day opened the gateway to Yoga for me, since then, I never turned back.

Namaste :)


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