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The son of a symbolist painter, I was born amongst mythological pictures and esoteric imagery. Early on I understood the multiple layers and realities of the world and was always in a quest for deeper knowledge and wisdom. During my teenage I read extensively about Sufism, alchemy, gnosis and Jungian psychology and tried to find a path of wisdom through martial arts. I took my first yoga class in my early twenties with a direct student of the Belgian Yoga and Tantra teacher André Van Lysebeth.

The development of my practice made me quit my job in finance to become a full-time Yoga Teacher in 2009. In 2012, my success led me to open my own studio in Mansourieh. In addition to a Yoga University course at Saint Joseph University (since 2010), I also teach and organize workshops at the 2 largest Yoga centers in Lebanon: NOK Yoga Shala and Union Square Yoga.

I am also part of the teacher training staff at the Feeling Soul Good Teacher Training in Bali and India ().

I have attended several workshops and teacher trainings all over the world: India, Lebanon, France, Slovenia, Australia, Turkey… and have teaching certifications from 5 different schools.

I am greatly influenced by Tantric philosophy and have been studying since 2010 with Dr. Jonn Mumford, who in his teaching unites the mystic techniques of India with European esoterism and contemporary psychology. Dr. Mumford trained me in Kundalini Kriya Yoga, Nada Yoga, Tattwa Yoga and Mantra Yoga before initiating me, after private tuition sessions in Sydney, in the higher techniques of his lineage and authorizing me to teach whatever he transmitted to me (an honor bestowed on just a handful of people).

My latest endeavor is the study of Natha Yoga, with French master Christian Tikhomiroff.

My teaching is meticulous and profound, with focus on details and a very particular sense of humor.


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