Louisa Craig

Aberdeen, Stonehaven, and Laurencekirk in Scotland, and Javea in Spain
United Kingdom

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I've been practising various types of yoga (kundalini, hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa flow) for over 23 years, and have been teaching children & special needs groups for over 14 years and adults for 11 years. I work in various health clubs, schools and nurseries in Aberdeen and throughout Grampian. I hold meditation groups, yoga workshops , and yoga retreats worldwide.

I am fortunate to fulfil my life aspiration of running yoga teacher trainings; sharing my knowledge & experience with like-minded yogis.

I've ran three teacher trainings so far, and my graduates have gone on to build successful yoga businesses; I am always on hand if they have any queries or need support.

My type of yoga is a hybrid of styles (vinyasa krama, kundalini, hatha, ashtanga, etc.) combining pranayama (breathing) techniques & bandhas (energy locks) to concentrate the prana (energy) in the body. It isn’t as fast or strong as power but is more dynamic than hatha or yin yoga. We all hold tension and emotions in our bodies, which can transmute into illness; my aim is to release the things we hold onto and peel away our ‘layers’ to find a purer, happier version of ourselves. My classes are esoteric and light-hearted.

Services Offered

1 hour session at my place$4060 min   Book
1 hour session at your place$6060 min   Book
45 mins Reiki session at my place$3060 min   Book
45 mins Reiki session at your place$5060 min   Book
15 hrs yoga session then reiki at my place$6060 min   Book
15 hrs yoga session then reiki at yours$7560 min   Book

Location & Notes

Your placeMy place
Notes: Costs are 40 for an hour at my yoga space in Laurencekirk it costs 60 for me to come to you if you are not too far