Louise Burns

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Louise has been practicing yoga for many years and is a qualified Yoga
Alliance 200 Teacher in vinyasa flow, registered with the Yoga Alliance
International. Her yoga journey started in the Middle East where she lived
for three years working as a flight attendant. Travelling all over the
world, allowed her to practice and experience lots of different styles and
teaching methods wherever she landed and happened to be, from Kerala to
Kuta, Agra to Auckland and everywhere in between.

Louise teaches from the heart bringing a sense of joy and love to her
classes, encouraging you not to get to caught up on how postures should
look, letting go of those rigid thoughts (how things should look, how we
should be) and instead consider how you feel from the inside. This moves
towards a greater opening up both inside and out, increasing flexibility in
both mind and body and moving through your practice with ease and fluidity
as we can with life.

She will encourage you to reconnect with yourself, become in tune with your
body and really listen to what your body needs, giving you guidance,
strength and confidence to deal with the challenges we so often face in life
and leave you feeling invigorated, energized, open and balanced.

Louise has a loving and caring nature and is passionate about people. A
naturally gifted reiki healer and masseuse, she specializes in helping heal
lives by channeling her unique life force energy to your chakras, clearing
and unblocking any negative energy that no longer serves you, leaving you
feeling balanced and centered both physically and mentally.

A passionate traveler, free spirit and firm believer in living life moment to moment, her philosophy for life is: "Live the life you love, love the life you live."


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