Louise Kelly

Narrabeen NSW

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Louise’s lightness of spirit is infectious. Instinctively focusing on the happier things in life, she radiates playfulness and positivity. This attitude is the cornerstone of her work as a yoga teacher. Teaching on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Lou’s classes are designed to energise the body and relax the mind by integrating physical yoga with mindfulness, relaxation and yogic philosophy.

Yoga as a form of physical exercise has been part of Louise’s life for over a decade, practicing a range of dynamic styles. However, a recurring struggle with glandular fever left her physically exhausted and emotionally drained. For such an active, busy individual this was a huge blow. However, it was also a catalyst to explore the physiological and philosophical aspects of yoga, as well as more gentle, restorative styles.

Deepening her awareness of nutrition, natural therapies, relaxation, meditation and the interconnection between body and mind had a profound effect: increased space, freedom and vitality, both mentally and physically. Now back to her habitually active self, Louise has realised her optimal balance of work and play and enjoys a healthier and happier life.

This personal transformation and discovery that yoga is more than just what happens on the mat is the gift she brings to all her classes. Simple changes can deliver significant results. You’ll come out smiling.

Lou married her husband, Rhys, at Narrabeen Surf Club in 2014. They recently welcomed their first bub, Skye Evie, into the world and are loving the parenthood journey.


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