Louise Ramsden

United Kingdom

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I have always had a desire to be a free spirit and to do things differently. This, accompanied by a desire for learning, figuring things out and making things better has lead me to be constantly inquisitive into how the mind and body operate most effectively.
I trained as a Yoga Instructor in the UK, followed by an advanced practitioner training in Australia. Shortly afterwards I lived in Thailand where I studied nutrition and fasting. 

I have run and worked on many retreats and workshops teaching yoga, nutrition and healthy eating cookery classes.
Although my journey started with Yoga and Nutrition, I began to recognise that the body can only be truly healthy if the mind is at peace. Yoga and Meditation are excellent for this but my training as a Certified Holistic Consciousness Coach® gave me the knowledge and tools to be fully responsible for everything that occurs in my life. The process of Consciousness Coaching® fascinates and enriches my life on a daily basis. It is extremely rewarding to share these tools with my coaching clients and be part of their also work as a Health Coach, fusing Consciousness Coaching® with nutritional and lifestyle advice, looking at all parts of a client’s life to bring them into balance and therefore better have been involved in alternative health practices for 18 years now and work in South London primarily supporting clients in improving their health, vitality and zest for life.
I am an Accredited Consciousness Coach (ACC) Nutritional Adviser (NHC ) Advanced Yoga teacher (BWY, RYS 500)