Lourens Moorcroft

South Africa

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For Immediate Release Broga® Yoga, the “Yoga for Bros” is NOW HERE IN SA

Broga® Yoga with Lourens will be soon be offering classes of this revolutionary fitness program.
Trained Broga® Yoga Instructor Lourens Moorcroft is excited to bring this new offering to his new Broga® Yoga clients and hopes that it will inspire more men to benefit from yoga.

“The Broga approach is really unique,” Lourens says. “The classes combine traditional power yoga with functional fitness exercises. The result is a practice that builds muscle, improves flexibility, reduces risk of injury, relieves stress and improves balance. Pro athletes practice yoga regularly. Broga brings that kind of fitness-based yoga to the masses with classes designed for people who can’t touch their toes but still need this kind of training.” Nationally, the average yoga class is dominated by women, with men accounting for only 15-20% of the students, but about 1 in 3 (46 million) men say they intend to try yoga in the next 12 months, according to an analysis based on a Yoga Journal study. Broga® Yoga, founded in Massachusetts, was developed to make yoga more appealing, accessible, and beneficial for these men. Though Broga is “optimized for guys” it should be noted that women are more than welcome. In fact, many women appreciate the unique strength elements and strenuous cardio aspects of Broga. “Broga students range in age from 18 to 78,” says Broga® Yoga President & Co-Founder, Adam O’Neill. “They come from all walks of life, all different backgrounds, but they all come looking for what we offer; that unique blend of high-intensity strength workout with the incredible “yoga” benefits such as balance, flexibility, improved circulation, injury reduction, stress-reduction, and many others.”


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