Lovely Terra Ann

Pahoa, HI
United States

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Terra Yoga…To Ground and Grow. Aloha! Here on the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii, I am a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Instructor Trainer (E-RYT 200), a certified Colon Hydrotherapist through Intentional Health, Inc., and a Director of Events & Financing for the upcoming rejuvenation center, Hawaiian Sanctuary. I currently teach yin restorative and tantrik-zen Hatha style yoga classes. I produce next level health retreats, create community internships on a permaculture farm, guide cleansing programs, facilitate yoga workshops, and train people to become yoga teachers through the Hawaii Branch of Cloud Nine Yoga Studio & School, nationally recognized by The Yoga Alliance. My life’s path is unfolding to utilize my business sense and promote my passion for the healing arts. I am living an epic adventure and stoked to share with YOU!

“Terra Ann has the most intimate way of relating as a yoga teacher. She fully participates with ones needs in a way that is fun , sensual, and fully compassionate to ones being” – Dawn Hurwitz

Going by Lovely Terra Ann, I have been a practitioner of body science and mind integration since the early 90s. Back then at Penn State University, I was a 2-year captain and All-Big Ten shortstop for the Women’s Softball Team, where I earned my Bachelors of Science Degree in Marketing. The study of Sports Psychology developed a love for visualization with measured results — my stats literally jumped 25% with a daily 15-minute meditation on visualizing EpiC athletic movements and massive team successes.

Post collegiate athletics, Rodney Yee became the yogic coach until a reunion on Cloud Nine occurred with Erika Faith and her tribe of yogis. Formal education and RYT certification ensued, along with producing a Yoga DVD in Costa Rica, Reiki attunements and group Liver Flushes. Additional favorite teachers of awakening are: Julian Walker, David Wolfe, Anahata (Kerrie Dancing Butterfly), Gabriel Cousins, Baba Dez, Puma St. Angel, Paul Eagle Bear, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Join me for a mind, spirit and body cleanse: on the yoga mat, the earth of a sweat lodge, the hydrotherapy table, the dance floor or elsewhere. Healing touch, aromatherapy, intentioned speech and big bellied laughter will energize our shared dreams. Each cleanse and class is specific to the present yogis and their needs, which means no class is the same! Come to rejuvenate the body, quiet the mind, and revitalize the heart space.

I love this life! Yoga and Cloud Nine has offered the freshest spin on my American Dream. I’ve created the life of my dreams, am exploring the world’s most amazing eco-cultures, fueling on the best LIVE foods this planet has to offer, while building heart connections, health transformations and take home education. Whether it’s a moment, a season or a lifetime, in the name of health and vitality, I am here To Gather To Gether. THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER, THY WILL BE DONE.

Jungle Lovin,
Lovely Terra Ann

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