Luísa Geraldes

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Luísa Geraldes is an Intermediate Junior I IYENGAR® yoga teacher with more than ten years of teaching experience.
She's been practicing yoga for more than fifteen years and has traveled several times to India to both deepen her knowledge of Vedānta and Yoga vision and to practice yoga.

Luísa was born in Porto, Portugal, and when she was fourteen, the practice of yoga appeared in her life to “save” her body and give her the confidence that, as a teenager, she had been lacking.

When she was twenty, Luísa traveled to Brazil to complete Modules I and II of a haṭha yoga teacher’s training course led by Pedro Kupfer. In this course, she first encountered Vedānta – the quintessential knowledge that is the Upaniṣads and comprises the final sections of each Veda.

Inspired by this newfound knowledge, Luísa went to Rishikesh, India, in 2010, to learn directly from Swami Dayananda, the teacher who established the venerable Dayananda Ashram. Here, Luísa realized that the practice of yoga can never be separated from the Vedic vision of the true self (ātman).

In 2010, she started practicing the IYENGAR® method with Cláudia Villadelprat, a long-term student of Christian Pisano. She found in this methodology the most effective instrument for training the body and mind.

In 2011, she came back to India to learn IYENGAR® yoga from Usha Devi and Rajiv Chanchani, Iyengar’s oldest students, and Vedānta, once again, with Swami Dayananda.

She continued her IYENGAR® yoga practice with renowned Christian Pisano in Portugal and France.

In 2013, she started her IYENGAR® yoga teacher’s training, led by senior teacher Billy Konrad, with whom she practiced weekly for two years.
With great joy, in October 2016, Luísa became a certified IYENGAR® yoga teacher.

Later that year, she went to India to study at the Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune and with Usha Devi, currently Luísa’s main teacher. Luísa spends half the year in India, practicing intensively with Usha Devi.
Luísa has studied with other world-renowned teachers, such as Jayne Orton, Zubin Zarthoshtimanesh, David Jaccobs, and Patxi Lizard.

For Luísa, the most important thing is to practice, but she loves to share what she has learned through her vast exposure to these great teaching.
Due to her unwavering conviction in the results of yoga practice, she is a passionate, generous, and dedicated teacher.

She conducts workshops, retreats, and public and private classes, during spring and summer in Portugal and abroad, in addition to teaching in Rishikesh, at the behest of her teacher Usha Devi.

Luísa graduated in law from the University of Porto. She holds a master’s degree in economic law from the University of Coimbra and a post-graduate degree in accounting and tax from the Lisbon School of Economics & Management.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Couldn't imagine better to start

I spent a week in Portugal with friends and Luísa practicing 3 hours a day Iyengar. It was the first time I practiced seriously Yoga and I couldn't imagine better conditions to start and discover. Luísa is very attentive, gentle and nice. She explained very carefully postures and adapted herself to our skills. We had great discussion on yoga far behind the physical exercice. I highly recommend her and hope to share other moments later on. Keep going on Luísa !

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Best yoga experience!

Practicing and learning from Luisa was one of the best things it happened to my body and general health. Suffered from back pain, bad posture and sciatica, after regular work learned the basics that made my everyday life day easier and more energetic. Definitively a must try!

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smooth and serious

a great teacher!
an Iyengar method teacher , with great experience (at least 7 years as far as I know) and a deep knowledge about asanas and pranayamas.
a great person makes a great teacher , thats Luisa ...
I highly recommend !

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Totally devoted to Yoga

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Very responsable and open mind!

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Luisa is a sincere and passionate teacher, very professional, very dedicated to teaching yoga, always with a great smile ready to help, friendly, demanding, knowledgeable, welcoming, determined, charismatic, inspiring for the students. Yoga class is both physically challenging and spiritually uplifting.