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My love for yoga has really blossomed over the last two decades and my passion for this ancient art is never exhausted. My favourite teaching style is Vinyasa and I always invite focus into alignment and pranayama.
I am a qualified Vinyasa Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, Yin and Restorative and practitioner. Although, always the as there is so much learn, absorb and share!

My Vinyasa classes are designed to help increase your strength, flexibility and wellbeing. Vinyasa Flow will focus on the physical element of yoga, helping you to identify the body's stabilising muscles and use them effectively and efficiently, allowing you to improve your posture and wellbeing. You will also learn how to synchronise your breath and movement to create a seamless flow of sequential movements.

My Restorative class is deep and nurturing, incorporating slow movements and synchronised breathing to open and restore vital energy to the tired mind and body.

My Yin class is well planed, slow and always respectful of the mind and body. Using props and encouraging a mediative approach to each 3-5 minute pose. I will invite you learn how to relax the muscles and clear the meridians flowing through the connective tissue, enhancing the flow of chi energy.

Always respectful as a yogini/human, remembering yoga is centuries old and is practised in many parts of the world. Let us unite together, in this invigorating and inspiring practice!

Love and Light,


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

13 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I find Lu Mays an inspirational teacher. She has found the perfect balance in her teaching approach-using encouraging words, demonstrating specific postures & exploring future possibilities.

Thank you!

Dear Elaine,
Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to write a review.

The short time we have been practicing together, has been simply blissful. I look forward to seeing you again this week, for our special chanting session with Kirsty.
Om Shanti

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Yoga retreat

I had an amazing time at Lu's yoga retreat I can't wait to go back.

Thank you!

What a nice surprise to read your review, I can't wait to have you back again either Nicola.
I do hope you're still practicing lots & staying mindful by using your journal?
Much love & light.
Om shanti

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I was introduced to yoga through Lu and haven't looked back, now I'm hooked. I find Lu's classes both invigorating and as challenging as you wish as she teaches for all levels, and always leave feeling amazing. She's one inspirational lady!

Lu Mays (online and in person)September 12, 2014
Thank you

Dear Claire,

Many thanks for your lovely review, very kind of you.
Sending you much love and blessings.

Lulu x

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Lu's course is the first and only "class" I have ever taken. Such a positive environment and she is so welcoming and accommodating! Always offers an alternative for different levels and not only demonstrates how but verbally talks you through step by step. For anyone such as myself who are new to yoga or returning to exercise I couldn't recommend Lu higher. Thoroughly enjoying myself!

Lu Mays (online and in person)September 11, 2014
Thank yo

Thank you for choosing to come to my class. It is an absolute pleasure to have your smiley face in my class.
Lu x

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Lu is a wonderful professional instructor she will make you hit and a chive your goal x

Lu Mays (online and in person)September 12, 2014
Thank you

Dear Julie,

Thank you ever so much for taking the time to review me.
Hope to see you in class soon?

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Lu's the best!

Lu has been leading us in our Yoga journey now for some time, and the classes never get stale or boring - she brings life and energy every week, and it is a pleasure to attend. Our abilities have increased, but she still provides guidance and support for novices as they join us.

Lu Mays (online and in person)September 12, 2014
Thank you

Namaste Graham,

Thank you so much for your lovely review, very kind of you.

I am blessed to have you attend my class.



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Amazing Instructor!

Lu Mays is one of the most enthusiastic, friendly and welcoming instructors I have met. She encourages you to push yourself but not beyond your limit. You achieve things in Lu's class you never thought possibly and get fast results in with the body and the mind. I recently had time off for intensive treatment on my back. I contacted Lu to ask if she could adapt exercises for me. She said she could but would encourage me to have the time off as she felt that, once in class, I wouldn't be able to help myself and would push myself too far! She was so right and knew me so well, even though I had only started her classes a few months before!! Great instructor.

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Witness the Fitness! The Real Deal

I have used Lu for a variety of different training sessions over the last five years. Her knowledge of health and fitness are second to none. Kind, positive and more than just a coach or trainer Lu's personal motivated and caring style makes for fun training and great results.

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Lus yoga

Was my first time doing yoga, Lu was very patient with me and made me feel more then welcome would recommend her to anyone, she is very friendly and takes the time to help you individually

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I start lessons with Lu after nearly 10 years away from yoga.Lu is an incredible,knowledgable and encouraging coach.Her classes are full of happiness,learning and you get to places you never thought possible.All i have to say is a HUGE THANK YOU LU.

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Great instructor

I approached Lu to help with getting my husband started on some yoga moves and stretching to help him after a back injury. She offered some private sessions and was very helpful and patient and understanding, explaining the moves and breathing in a way we understood and could put into action. She is most pleasant and very motivational and has a wealth of knowledge. Highly recommended.

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Soul inspiring Lu Mays

Lu is an absolute master in not only sharing the joy and benefits of yoga but also inspiring and enabling others to achieve their goals.
After a long stressful day there is nothing quite as soul cleansing as practising yoga with Lu, her calm, gentle nature and expert advice coupled with variations on each move mean that every class member works at their own ability, stress simply vanishes - I just need to take her home with me! Namaste.
Faye Greenslade

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Lulu delivers ...

Everytime i go to Lulu's yoga flow ileave feeling relaxed & revitalised. I learn something new every week, weather it be a new balance, about myself, or an increase in strength. I love her classes as she creates such a friendly, relaxed yet professional atmosphere.
A wonderful yoga teacher with a kind generous heart to help guide all her participants through an enjoyable journey/workout.