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Toronto, ON

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CANNABIS is among humanity's oldest and most useful cultivated crops, so it is not surprising to find that it has been intricately associated with spiritual awakening in many cultures and throughout history. Some ancient Indian yogis drank pot-milkshakes and smoked hash before meditation (and in other mystical traditions, use of ganja, or sacred mushrooms or other plant medicines was paramount to mystical discovery and experience).

GANJA (along with other psychedelic drugs) stimulates an area of the brain called the ‘Pineal Gland’ – a tiny eye-shaped area between the eyebrows which, among other things, regulates light. In meditation, we activate this “third-eye chakra” (energy centre) to achieve greater spiritual awakening (“enlightenment”). Therefore, if you couple the psychedelic affects of cannabis with a meditative yoga practice, you may be able to awaken this area more quickly/deeply!


Do I have to smoke ganja?

No! – Yoga is great, whether altered or not. Sometimes students feel like using ganja to enhance their practice, and other times, having a yoga practice without ganja feels better. It’s always up to you. And it's always a great introverted experience, regardless of whether or not it's enhanced.

How much should I smoke?

I always recommend first-time students take less ganja than they usually do, so your experience of yoga is enhanced, not detracted from. If students smoke too much, it could hinder the experience of yoga.

Why do we use a vaporizer?

Vaporizers are the cleanest way to smoke ganja, though eating it before yoga is also fun. It’s easier to dose with vaporizing than eating. Students can bring their own vaporizer if they would rather not share, or some head-shops sell an individual vaporizer attachment meant for individual use, for those who prefer. Otherwise, we share my vaporizer.

Why do I need to bring my own weed?

While the laws for possession are ambiguous, at this time, the laws for dealing are not. It may change, but at this time, providing ganja for the class is not something I am legally comfortable doing.

What if I haven’t done yoga in a long time? (Or have never done yoga)

All the yoga I teach is for all levels, unless otherwise stated. I love teaching beginners. Ganja Yoga is particularly great for those who are less flexible or experienced with yoga, as the emphasis is not on how the pose looks, but rather on how it feels to you. These classes are great for any body, - feel free to let me know your health conditions/concerns before coming. If you’re anxious about joining a class, please know it’s a very internal, meditative experience, usually everyone has heir eyes-closed. Ganja helps to facilitate that relaxation. If you are an advanced practitioner, the asana (poses) I offer might be 'easier' than what you are used to, - but ganja encourages you to feel them in a new, juicy way.

How do you make sure it’s safe?

I will refuse repeat admission to anyone who is disruptive or disrespectful (though this has never happened). All yoga postures I offer are safe, and won't cause injury when in an altered state. The classes are slow and not competitive. By insisting that students BYOP (bring-your-own-pot), and by keeping the location on the down-low, I am ensuring the legal safety of everyone who comes.


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