Luciana Freire

newport beach, CA
United States
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When Brazilian-born Luciana Freire moved to the United States in 1998 from her homeland, she brought with her not only a smooth and sensual accent, but also a contagious love and appreciation of her roots.

In Brazil, the samba is sacred. Girls grow up dancing it, flowing with it and drawing strength from this uniquely feminine and ancient expression. Brazilian yogini Luciana Freire learned early how movement, celebration and joy heals the body and transforms the heart.

A passionate educator, Luciana began her career in Brazil as an elementary school teacher in the private and public system. After moving to the , she found a vital, grounding force in yoga. By integrating the sacred samba, an entirely new form was created. YogaSamba is more than a yoga class. It’s more than a samba class. And more than an exercise program. It’s a powerhouse of a journey into light, happiness, sensuality, well-being and a beautifully sculpted body. And it’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Luciana is at the global forefront of visionaries committed to awakening women and girls to their true inner and outer beauty.

Yoga Education

> Somatic Yoga Therapist
> Prana Flow Instructor
> Hot Yoga Certified Instructor
> Vinyasa Certified Instructor
> Yogatrance Instructor
> Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher

Healing Arts Education

> Transcendental Meditation
> Integration Therapist (Kaplan Health&Wellness)
> HeartSight™ Levels I, II and III

​Traditional Education​

>Special Education - Riverhead - NY
>Master Degree Pedagogy - Brazil


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
If you're looking for joy in your life, dance your way into it.

More than yoga. More than Samba, this is a completely unique experience that opens your heart and your hips. Stretch mind, body and spirit. Feel beautiful, healthy, sensual and alive. And awaken the goddess within.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
An offering for all of yourself, fully given, loved, expressed

Luciana offers more than a yoga class, she offers you yourself. Fully given, loved, and expressed.

If you wish to take part in an experience of self-love and self-acceptance definitely check her out.

You'll sweat, cry, laugh, dance, learn, and let go. The letting go part is one of the most meaningful because as you're welcomed into the circle to dance you're appreciated in the glory of who you are, AS you are.


The warmth of her teaching is paramount but more than that she offers impeccable instruction and guidance, as well as complete acceptance for your comfort level and physical ability on any spectrum.

I've never felt more loved, appreciated, and accepted than in the presence of her teaching and I wish I lived closer so I could attend her classes regularly.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
The East Coast and West Coast Loves Luciana....

This is not just a yoga class.... it is a therapy session that heals your heart!

Luciana is truly a healer within the practice of yoga. She has a magical way to speak to your heart and soul. Her confidence in her practice makes you trust her and follow everything she explains. She engages your mind to follow her practice and then there is the awakening within your heart and soul that transforms you to another dimension.


It is not just a class you take but a true journey in healing. She has a combination of helping your body and awareness while shifting your soul to a higher level.

I would highly recommend Luciana because it feels like you had a workout and you went to therapy. You walk away knowing so much more about yourself and where you want to be. She is a true inspiration!