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Lucie Kasova, E-RYT 500, is known for her teaching style that integrates yoga and mindfulness. Lucie offers clear instruction, with alignment cues and posture modifications, to help her students cultivate strength, mobility and flexibility, and clarity of mind. Her approach emphasizes the power of breathwork as a transformational tool.

Lucie has been teaching yoga since 2009. Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher (200-hour level) and Pranakriya Professional Level Yoga Teacher (500-hour level), she has studied extensively under Yoganand Michael Carroll, Master-Level teacher and the former Dean of the Kripalu School of Yoga. Her teaching has been shaped by Kripalu, Pranakriya, Anusara and Iyengar yoga methodologies, and Rajanaka Yoga philosophy with Dr. Douglas Brooks, one of the leading scholars of Hinduism.

Lucie's other training includes Yoga in the Schools, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga with the Center for Trauma and Embodiment, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, and Yoga for Traumatic Brain Injury. In conjunction with researchers from Harvard Medical school and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Lucie was part of a team of yoga instructors selected to participate in a yoga research study at the Boston Latin School, examining the impact of yoga on teen drug-use risk factors.

Currently pursuing a 1000-hour Yoga Teacher Certification, Lucie is committed to ongoing learning. A four time recipient of a Teaching for Diversity grant from the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association, she teaches classes and workshops in the and Europe, and is available for private yoga instruction.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

19 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A kind and wise teacher

Lucie's specific, clear and illuminating prompts are centered on the body, and allow for the pose to happen. In her classes--mercifully taught without the distraction of music--Lucie invites us to "explore" and "notice how it feels." She encourages curiosity and with her guidance I learn so much about my own body, while practicing in community with all the other people in the class.

Lucie KasovaJune 9, 2020

Dear Helen, so nice to have you as a student and friend! Great to hear about your embodied exploration . Thank you so much for your thoughtful words.

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A Weekly Highlight in Person or on Zoom

I look forward to Lucie’s Zoom (and earlier in-person) classes. Her Tuesday morning class is listed as a beginner level but works for everyone! She’s a wonderful teacher - clear instructions, kind words and always positive.

Lucie KasovaApril 29, 2020

Dear Maryann, I've been enjoying your steady presence in my classes. I hope we will be able to practice together in the same space before too long, meanwhile I look forward to seeing on zoom!

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A lifesaver during Covid shutdown

I've been a student of Lucie's for almost four years and have always appreciated her tremendous teaching, knowledge and friendship. During this time of solitude and uncertainty, Lucie's online classes are all that, plus a tremendous source of connection and grounding. Lucie is modeling yoga as a practice for living. Now more than ever, I am so grateful to have her as my teacher.

Lucie KasovaApril 29, 2020

Dear Beate, thank you so much for your kind words. I'm glad you're finding grounding in the yoga practice. It's been wonderful to see you in our online classes. Your insights make my teaching very gratifying. I truly appreciate your steadiness, kindness and friendship. I'm grateful to have you as my friend.

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Lucie is helping me to learn balance

I've been attending Lucie's slow flow class at Om Namo in Cambridge over the past several months, and find this class to be a vital part of maintaining balance in my life. Lucie teaches and demonstrates balance within the asanas, but also extrapolates these teachings to life. She encourages students to use intuition as a guide when exploring asanas and the transitions between and taking risks that reward than harm. I always come out of class with a renewed sense of calm, steadiness, and balance, which I'm learning to apply to other aspects of my life. Many thanks, Lucie!

Lucie KasovaNovember 8, 2019

Dear Melinda, I appreciate your thoughtful words. It makes me very happy to know you're taking the skills from a yoga practice and applying them to life! I look forward to seeing you at Om Namo soon!

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Lucie can teach to a class composed of people with varying levels of yoga experience. She is very good at explaining differing ways to get into poses. Lucie is very approachable and friendly which makes her classes so enjoyable on a meditative and physical level.

Lucie KasovaMarch 4, 2017
Thank you!

Nan, I'm glad you are enjoying my classes. Thank you so much for being such a loyal student. I look forward to seeing you next time.

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I highly recommend Lucie's yoga classes.
They are a wonderful blend for mind and body and seem to always leave me appreciating the delicious results. Thank you for your skill, mastery and devotion to yoga!

Lucie KasovaFebruary 4, 2017
Thank you

Elizabeth, it's a pleasure to have you in class. I hope to see you soon.

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Calming & Centered Yoga Workout

Lucie's yoga classes are very calming and centered, never rushed but deliberate. I love how she guides us to seamlessly move to different poses and how at the end of each class, we feel more connected to our sense of self. I thoroughly enjoy Lucie's teaching style which centers on the whole person.

Lucie KasovaJanuary 18, 2017
Many thanks

Margaret, thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you at Om Namo soon.

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Total body-breath-mind teacher

The first time I took a class with Lucie, I knew she was the new teacher I was looking for. By the end of her classes that all includes breath work, meditation, and thoughtful yoga, I feel calm, centered and strong. Lucie is an amazing teacher and has a well-deserved and devoted following.

Lucie KasovaJanuary 13, 2017
Thank you

Beate, I'm very happy to share the gift of yoga with you and glad you appreciate the deeper practices. It's been wonderful getting to know you!

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Best yoga teacher I ever had

Lucie is the best yoga teacher I've ever had. She has taught me to stand straight and tall, to breathe deeply, to strengthen, to balance, to energize body and mind - in and out of class. She has guided me into deep meditation and out to waking clarity.

Her practice is full of intelligence, humor, warmth, and kindness.

Lucie KasovaJanuary 9, 2017
Thank you

Seymour, thank you so much for your thoughtful words. I haven't seen you in a while - I hope you still stand straight and tall! I look forward to seeing you in class soon.

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Thoughtful, Experienced Teacher

Lucie is a kind and thoughtful teacher. Her classes are challenging, but I feel supported in making modifications when necessary. I appreciate the quiet and calm atmosphere that Lucie creates in the room.

Lucie KasovaJanuary 9, 2017
Thank you

Melissa, I'm glad you know you always have permission to modify. It's your body and your yoga! So nice to have you as a student.

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Wonderful experience

Lucie is a great teacher who cares about her students. Really open to answer any question. Take time to explain an adjust your position if necessary. She had a lot of experience and I feel safe with her. I recommend her with no hesitation.

Lucie KasovaJanuary 9, 2017
Thank you

France, I very much enjoyed meeting you, and especially having you with us on our wonderful Yoga and Hiking Retreat last fall. Hope to see you soon.

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Fantastic yoga teacher

Lucie incorporates the perfect balance of stillness and calmness in her classes, while providing the intensity of vinyasa flow yoga class. I always come out of the class feeling so renewed. I especially love her voice and diction, her clark instruction and the unusual combination of moves resulting in the most wonderful stretches.

Lucie KasovaJanuary 9, 2017
Thank you

It's a pleasure to have you in class, Nonna!

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Lucie is the best. Really enjoy relaxation along with challenging practice.