Lucille Aucoin

Toronto, ON
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I began teaching Yoga in rec centres in the 1980's, in Toronto. Classes were free to the community at large in those days. How times have c hanged! I taught hatha yoga in people's homes, in church basements and in U of T buildings. I also am a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and I also teach Chair Yoga. Yoga is so much fun and so easy to incorporate into one's life. Breathing is key, if you are breathing you are already doing yoga. Welcome to the fold!!! It is my joy to share my love of yoga.

No schedule. I teach you in your space. Invite me and I will come. No set classes, am a senior and prefer it this way. Not in competition with studios or organizations. Real yoga for real people. Not a Barbie doll in sight.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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