Lucy Barber

United Kingdom

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A Yoga i-D aims to help individuals find a Living Connection with Yoga that reconnects their inner self and rhythms of their own life, to enhance wellbeing.

It is inspired by the Art of Living and how we constantly evolve and therefore so will our connection with Yoga and ourselves. It respects that we all lead different lives and our bodies are individual. It has the wisdom of knowing that when we reconnect with ourselves, we feel much better! According to the seasons, our needs and our practice changes. A Yoga i-D loves to work with the changing seasons to create harmony with our natural responses to practice Yoga, by creating classes that nourish us during these times.

It believes that everyone is perfect, just the way they are and it is inspired to reconnect you to that inner self that is sacred. It encourages us to look at the way we live in the world and respond with positive change, complete conscious actions and positive minds. Yoga is a wonderful way to be a part of community and A Yoga i-D encourages this, to live with intention and an openness that welcomes all.

A Yoga i-D works from the principles of Hatha Yoga, intelligently sequencing Asana (Postures), Pranayama (Breathing Practices) and Relaxation, that connects the physical body and the mind.

Lucy is a British Wheel of Yoga Trained Teacher, practicing Yoga for over 14 years. She continues to study, advance and attune her Yoga with her own rhythm in the Art of Living.

Come, Yoga and experience your own i-D.


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