Lucy Chapman

Richmond VIC

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Yoga truly has opened so many doors in my life and as a human being. It has strengthened the relationship I have with myself and as a result, the relationship I have with those around me. It has allowed me to discover the limits of my body and mind and accept the way that I am.

I have practiced for 11 years and taught for 5 and continue to be a devote student of yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices that carve out a better life path. My journey so far has seen me teaching in various studios around Melbourne, at camps, developing and sharing workshops, having the honour of working closely with pregnant women, forming strong community with fellow lovers of yoga and always opening up to new experiences and opportunities to collaborate, learn and grow.

My passion for yoga started when I went to a yoga and meditation course through ‘The Art Of Living’ in Melbourne in 2004. After completion of this powerful course the positive effects of a regular yoga practice on my wellbeing became apparent and I decided to change my lifestyle and adapt yoga naturally into my daily life.

My intention became one of incorporating and applying these amazing tools such as pranayama and simple asana practice into everyday life. To deepen my personal practice and open the doorway to teaching, I completed an intensive 200 hour RYS Hatha yoga and Pranayama course in Rishikesh in 2010 after self-development through attending a variety of classes experimenting with different disciplines.

I am able to teach Hatha, Pranayama, Vinyassa Flow and Prenatal yoga with confidence and spirit and have a qualification in Prenatal Yoga.

This year I have opened up more time in my life for yoga-related work and have started my own prenatal workshops called ‘Breathing for Two’, a 4 week course guiding Mums-to-be through a safe and calming yoga and meditation practice providing them with tools to use throughout their pregnancy and birth.

I believe that 3 questions can allow us to step from the ego to the spirit and they are : 1. Who am I? do I want? can I serve?

I ask myself these questions regularly and sharing yoga to me is one of the most rewarding experiences I could imagine having the honour to share.


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