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Namaste people,

What a joy to be a Yoga teacher!!!! I am so lucky :) I am a Hatha teacher that enjoys teaching balanced sessions that deepen the students knowledge of themselves on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Most of all I want all of you people that work incredibly hard, to learn to love and honour yourselves!
I always encourage students to develop their own practice because one day, I would love to know that people were able to manage their own thoughts, emotions and stresses. It is very empowering! I like to teach students to be mindful in each asana and come to the present moment which is where we can be at peace.
My classes often include a little dynamic flow, some time spent getting deeper into poses with breath awareness', some alignment focus, pranayama and relaxation. I will occasionally include a short 5 minutes meditation too. I often have a little theme going for each class so that students feel they have something new to take away with them but invite you to just bring yourselves, be you and take from it exactly what you need. I am also a mindfulness teacher currently an MBSR teacher in training and am available for you to learn more about this too


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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