Lucy Romagnoli

Auburn Hills, MI
United States

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Lucy Romagnoli turned to yoga at 18, in 2009, while searching for a natural way to de-stress . As a result, she immersed herself in Yoga, Rieki, Self Expressive Healing Arts, Raw Vegan Food Preparation and Meditation. She continues to look for fun and creative ways to maintain and improve her health so that she can enjoy, as well as help others enjoy, a good quality life. Lucy took her first teacher training in 2011 at Red Lotus, focusing on Short Form Ashtanga & Slow Flow. Wanting to understand the other side to Hatha yoga, shortly after Lucy trained in Yin Yoga with Lynne Baum at Red Lotus Yoga and in Iynger Yoga with Lucia Romagnoli of the Quercia Calante Yoga Studio in Umbria Italy. She took a one month training in Costa Rica where she studied intensely the principles of alignment, caring for the whole body. While training in Dominical, Costa Rica, Lucy also studied Anatomy with Physical Therapist Edgar Ortiz, Danyasa, a Yoga Dance Fusion focused on breath and healing movement with Sofiah Thom, and Body Temple Yoga (to live life with a deeper connection from the body), with Daniella Cotreau.


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