Luhia Victoria Psalmon

United Kingdom

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I went to my first Iyengar yoga class aged 12, chaperoned by my mother who started yoga when she was 18. At first, classes were a whirlwind of physical pain, fear of certain postures (especially the ones upside down, or the ones that I knew "hurt"), and seemingly contradictory instructions. How could I possibly engage this action with my knee while simultaneously maintaining that action with my hip?! Month after month, year after year, things changed and I realised that I no longer feared the postures I used to, and my body was indeed able to integrate different actions in different body parts. I only realised how magical Iyengar yoga is, in terms of its precise instructions and the attention it pays to body mechanics, when I arrived at Uni and tried out different styles of yoga. I taught beginner and intermediate classes for Aberdeen Uni Yoga Society for two years, and decided to formally train and get an Iyengar certification, which I obtained in June 2017.

What I love best about Iyengar yoga is how the rigorous and precise instructions can bring about small but quantifiable change in every body type, and that over a long period of time, we can take care of our body safely and with love.

I love dancing and most things to do with sacred feminine practise, too.


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