Luisa Vanossi

São Paulo - São Paulo

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First contact I had with the Hindu culture was in 1997 when I went to India and meet the Saint and Guru Satya Sai Baba, this trip had a great impact on my life, seeing that life could be different from my culture and education, that I could have a choice of what to do, and to follow my own heart.
In 2006 I started to dedicate my life only to yoga and meditation, in 2007 I started my teacher training in Iyengar Yoga and since then I've being studying, practicing, and went to India many time to deepen my practice, and study yoga, meditation and Buddhism.
I,ve received teachings and initiations from important Buddhist Masters like HH Dalai Lama, HH Karmapa, Mingyur Rinpoche and others.
In 2013 I've finished my Ayurveda Therapeutic Training.


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