Luke Karamol

Oakland, CA
United States
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Luke has been studying and practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaches Tibetan yantra yoga and hatha yoga. He was authorized to teach yantra yoga by Tibetan Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in 2013. Additionally Luke is a hatha yoga instructor having completed a 300 hour Adi Yoga training program with Dharma,Inc, studies with David Moreno and Kamesvari Thorp in the Hatha Yoga Foundations program at YogaMandala in Berkeley, California, yoga therapy at Niroga Yoga in Berkeley as well as Vinyasa Krama studies with Srivatsa Ramaswami. Luke is also a California licensed massage therapist and nationally licensed Ayurveda Lifestyle counselor and has a bodywork practice utilizing tui na, energetic,and orthopedic manual therapy techniques and while continuing his clinical Ayurveda studies at Shubham Ayurveda . Luke lives in Oakland,California.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yantra Yoga Instructor

I am new to Yantra Yoga and found Luke to be the ideal instructor for learning this art. It's a very physical discipline and he makes it look easy. He is very considerate of people's capabilities and helps to make the whole class feel comfortable with new students as they learn and the experienced yogis who need to wait on us beginners. With his guidance I am sure I will be able to master the movements and breath. I scored to two above in the middle of the road because he does both.. Demonstrates as he explains... he let's us make mistakes and yet makes adjustments so that we don't do them again. 5 Stars

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So much richness to share!

Luke has extensive training from a qualified master of an unbroken lineage. This is incredibly rare and precious to encounter during this day and age. He is sincere, kind, helpful, knowledgeable and incredibly dedicated to lifelong yogic learning. He's respectful to all students and loves what he does.

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Yantra Yoga Workshop

It was an excellent Yantra Yoga workshop. I recommend Luke as a great instructor, he helped in every moment and he is well experimented in Yantra Yoga.

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Qualified yoga teacher

I have known Luke for over two years now, and can honestly say he is a very qualified teacher. Nowadays, everyone teaches yoga, and dare i say most teachers possess a minimal at best understanding and training. Luke has practiced for a long time under highly qualified teachers, including Fabio andrico, and has been authorized by namkhai norbu Rinpoche to teach yantra yoga. If you are interested particularly in Tibetan yoga- I highly recommend Luke's classes.

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Luke rocks.

Over the last eight years I've taken many of Luke's classes - mostly Yantra Yoga, but some Adi and Hatha classes as well, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.


In my 18 or so years in the Bay Area yoga community, Luke stands out as one of my favorite.
In addition to being an all around great guy and a wonderful, funny, and down-to-earth human being, Luke is also an outstanding yoga teacher. He's been a studious and dedicated practitioner for a long time, and has the great good fortune to have study closely with some of the best teachers in the world.

He's extremely knowledgable about both the gross and subtle aspects of the practice. He can go deep with the energetic, esoteric, and spiritual stuff, just as he can with anatomy and alignment.

And to boot, he's a cool guy who's fun to hang out with and talk to about music, food, and life. Check him out.

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Thank you Luke

I am grateful that Luke is a teacher. During yoga practice, he helped me improve my form and let me know if I missed a movement or correct one or needed to shift my breathing.
I have not taken a course with Luke, but almost feel as if I have because he shared his knowledge with joy. The way he helps and teaches, I feel totally comfortable and relaxed.
Thank you Luke!

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Luke Karamol

Luke is an excellent, compassionate and perceptive teacher. As a more mature student with some physical issues, I've found him to be both patient and encouraging always. I enjoy his humor and his open willingness to share expertise.

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excellent interdisciplinary yoga teacher

Luke is an exceptional yoga teacher with a wealth of experience in numerous disciplines, from ayurveda to orthopedic massage. All of this informs his yoga classes, which are inspiring, informative, thorough, and fun. Highly recommend taking a class with Luke if you have the opportunity!

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The Soft Touch

I have taught with Luke and was very impressed with his skill, soft approach, knowledge, humor and kindness. He has studied several disciplines with the same dedication as he has approached and mastered Yantra Yoga and this is apparent in his method and ability to transmit Yantra Yoga to his students.