Luminous Amy Bockmon

Chattanooga, TN
United States

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For some the journey is short, for some it is much longer, the final destination is not as important as the places we stop along the way and the people we meet on the road. For Amy the journey to teaching yoga has been quite an adventure, beginning in her late teens with a short summer course. Life evolved and it was some time before she came back to the mat with a new enthusiasm that evolved into her passion. Amy hopes to pass this passion along to her students by encouraging them to be inquisitive about the world around them and to discover ways to heal the body and mind.

Amy’s teaching revolves around giving each student the tools to work with where they are in life, by helping them to see their strengths and encouraging them to utilize that energy for continued progress. Amy brings a focus of alignment to her classes to facilitate healing both mentally and physically. Having suffered from depression and been fortunate enough to lose 75lbs since beginning her yoga journey, Amy believes that yoga can truly be for everybody.

Amy’s most recent training completed in the fall of 2013 with Joe Taft and Diedre Smith-Gilmer deepened her awareness and love of anatomy inspiring her to return to school to study Physical Therapy. Bringing elements of therapy in to the class room helps students connect to their bodies in new ways and creates an understanding that emotional healing can happen on a physical level as well as in the mind.


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