Lupe Friaz

san jose, CA
United States

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I came to yoga via Pilates. I started doing yoga as a result of repetitive stress injury on my right arm and I found that any type of repetitive action (typing, messaging, washing dishes, pulling weeds, ) would eventually lead to frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel) and as I learned more I realized that it really is true that your bones/muscles are all connected. I also learned that we tend to carry stress in different parts of our bodies and that stress is toxic.
Yoga is a way to:
*increase your body's flexibility
*improve your balance
*support your lymphatic system to do its work of detoxifying your body
*support virtually all of the systems in your body (circulatory, digestive, respiratory)
Through our connection with our breath we can dramatically improve how we feel and how we carry ourselves throughout the day.
Si nonhablan ingles londigo en espanol!


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