Lura Doebler Shopteau

Uvita de Osa
Costa Rica

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Yoga is a journey and my journey has been toward helping others start a practice in yoga or meditation, deepen their practice with individualized attention, create a pathway available to anyone in any condition (there is always a way to accommodate the journey), to deepening their commitment with the development of a personal practice. It is a journey inspire by love, to give what I have benefited from back to others. From yoga teacher, to meditation, to psychotherapist, to certified yoga therapist I have invested my mind, body, time and money into this holistic world.
I believe in laughter, opening the heart, eliminating boundaries, finding out what we believe in, inspiring action, and just going for it. I am grateful to be living in such a beautiful place, for my friends worldwide, the bounty's of nature, and my family. Yoga is the key piece of my holistic lifestyle, healthy, free spirited, loving and encouraging the dreams and growth of everyone.
I hope to offer you a world of yoga that will bring you opportunities to make discoveries through self-inquiry and experimentation in connecting to mind, body and spirit. To assists in your developing a deeper level of self-awareness. Inspiring your practice and deepen your commitment to yoga, a health life, a generous spirit, love and kindness.


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