Luz Helena Florez

Hawi, HI
United States

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Most of the time I based in Nepal where I teach yoga while continuing to deepen my own practice. I teach Classical Tantra Yoga, which is a holistic approach that incorporates asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation in one practice to deepen the effects of yoga. Classical Yoga is about lovingly utilizing the body and mind as tools for meditation for the purpose of self-realization. I spent nine months studying and teaching at Shanti Yoga Ashram and then traveled for several months with my yoga teacher, Yogi Prakash, from Nepal offering classes and Satsang around Nepal, India and Indonesia. I offer classes wherever I go sometimes solo and other times teamed up with Yogi Prakash. The best way to keep up with both of us is on the Facebook page "Lotus Project Nepal". Monies earned while teaching yoga are used to help support a free school in Nepal where children learn yoga, Sanskrit and Kritan along with academic studies.


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