Luz Raquel Hernandez-Cruz

San Lorenzo PR
Puerto Rico

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Marine Biologist, Scientific Diver, Yoga Teacher (500 hrs), Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Yoga Slacker, AcroYogi, Adventurer, Triathlete, Traveler, Ironwoman and can be described by many labels; however, if you were to ask her which one describes her best she would simply say 'all and none'.

After finishing her Masters Degree, she traveled to India to get her first certification in Yoga. Two years later, she decided to drop her PhD studies to pursue several yoga certifications, to dedicate all her efforts to the practice and to other adventures that made her heart smile. Raquel's former life as a scientist keeps her mind busy while her athletic nature keeps her body active. Her passion is finding new challenges that need to be solved and explained with simplicity.

Raquel is currently traveling around the world, staying in a place for nor longer than a week, sharing all her passions.


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