Lydia Salome Klein

Mannheim/ Heidelberg

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My big passion is movement in general and dancing and yoga in special! I already experienced the power of healing in yoga and I'm really thankful for that! This is why I want to share this and to help people to find their inner self and peace through yoga!

I don't have a certain named style of yoga. I started with Ashtanga Yoga which I still love deeply, I did my teacher certification in Power Vinyasa Yoga. But in a very hart time for me I got Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga to known and since that it also influences my lesson. Also I fell in love with Budokon Yoga, and I'm almost there to be a teacher in that style! And nowadays I also found my way into Iyengar Yoga which gives me the knowledge for alignment!
Since I'm also a dancer, all my classes are also slightly influenced by that!

Conclusion: I have my very own style of yoga and teaching which is influenced and inspired by many styles and teachers. For me it is important to be at an intuitive flow with the needs of the people in my lesson in that moment. Also I give a big attention to the alignment of the Asana at the class! I want the people to feel light, strong and peaceful after practicing yoga with me! :)


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